WTB: Suzuki FA50. I have trades!

I want a nice FA50. By nice I mean running or very close, and probably not rusted to pieces or missing wheels and shit.

Anyhow, I've got a couple bikes I'd trade.

Maybe this Carabela that I love a lot and it totally runs great.

Maybe this Jawa that also runs well and has lots of... character (also a lot of parts come with it! Engine parts and whatever. I can get pics of that too!)

Definitely this Indian. It runs and needs some TLC but it's got a good engine!

Yeah, crappy pictures. I can get more. Not the most desirable trades, but they're all runners. Don't wanna trade? Sell my your FA50! I'll give you some cash.

Also, these bikes are all available separately for cash or like... other bikes in trade. Whatever. I don't want all of these things anymore. Someone take these.

Re: WTB: Suzuki FA50. I have trades!

i want to trade


Re: WTB: Suzuki FA50. I have trades!

NY. Hmmm... So would we be meeting half way? Are you coming this way any time soon? Which bike(s) do you want in trade? etc. etc.

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