FS/FT: Motobecane 50v Project (Running)

I have a running 50v project up for grabs. Mainly I'm looking to trade this over for pug performance parts but, cash works too ($200)

It has AV7 ported as per the WIKI, BBF tech applied with Simo circuit and is 30mph+ as it sits.

The moby needs:

A front wheel complete

New tube for the rear

A pulley


Some attention and love

I need:

Peugeot performance Pipe for small port Airsal 70cc

17" rims/tires

Oh and you gotta come and get it :-)


Re: FS/FT: Motobecane 50v Project (Running)

ya, bump

Re: FS/FT: Motobecane 50v Project (Running)

bumpity bump bump


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