Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

Ok, so i had a little problem with my frame... and it sort-of blew in half. So to make a long story short i have almost a complete indian moped with a junk frame. Everything is forsale.

1) Side covers

2) engine (ran but needed ignition work, comes with engine mounts)

3) 2 carbs very clean (both styles/makes)

4) air box

5) Honey comb wheels - (18inch) everything is there including axles however the brake pads are shoot.

6) fenders (chrome is not perfect but solid)

7) seat (no major tears, but sun faded

8) used & new speedo (50mph)

7) headlight

8) electricals (coil, rec., etc...)

9) tool kit

10) exhaust is very solid, but has some rust mainly on the heat sheild

11) Forks - rusty but solid, great for a custom build on anything... very well made.


I can get pics up of anything your interested. Not looking for gold, just want to clear out some parts. Shoot me offers, i can ship UPS with a tracking # and i get a discount on shipping through my work, so shipping is cheap.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

hi how much for the throttle controls and throttle cable and what carb and intake does it have send pics also how muchj for petcock thanks chris

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

Chris, email me an offer and i'll get you a pic.

Oh forgot to mention the petcock is no good... has a good bowl but its missing the lever & etc...

I have a keihen carb i think the other is a mikuni if i remember right. Both nice & clean. -Jimmy

Pics! Side covers

Timmy Southpark /

I also have the under tank cover & chain cover.


Pics! Carbs

Timmy Southpark /

I have both the keihen (forgive the spelling) & mikuni. Both very clean!


Re: Pics! front wheel

Timmy Southpark /

I have the complete set, wheels look good just the brake pads are shot. 18" make a custom wheelset for your puch!


Re: Pics! Blown Up!

Timmy Southpark /



Re: Pics! Seat

Timmy Southpark /

No major rips, mainly seperating from the seams. The cover is sun faded however.


Re: Pics! Engine

Timmy Southpark /

It does run, just needs some tuning or possibly the top end rebuilt. I had this engine idleing last week in my driveway for over 20minutes.


Pics! Rear wheel

Timmy Southpark /

Heres the rear. I'll include all axles & hardware with the wheels. Any odd little bolt you think you'll need i'll find & throw in the deal.

Emails please! I need a 17" front dirt bike wheel with a disk brake if anyone wants to make a trade for some of these parts.


Re: Pics! Rear wheel

It's funny cause I happen to have an Indian that needs almost all of those things!

I'm selling it? Thread jacked!

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

I need this stuff gone!

How bout...

1) $60 engine / shipped

2) $80 wheels / shipped

3) $15 pipe / shipped

4) $40 for the front end / shipped

5) $25 for all plastic covers / Shipped

6) $25 for the brand new speedo / shipped

7) $20 for the mikuni carb / shipped (not a spot of dirt on the inside)

So far looks like the headlight, controls, & keihen carb are spoken for. Tell me what you want, make offers/trades! I'll keep dropping the price the more you buy.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Pete *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

How did that happen to the frame?

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

it was a combination of love & dedication... oh and accidentally filling the tank with oxygen before i went to weld on the tank... you know, the whole accidentally exploding the gas tank in your face thing that most of us do on a weekly basis.

Still more to sell. Put the engine on your Puch or tomos... give that puch the custom 18 inch wheels you've dreamed off... use the forks to hunt wild boars... anything, just get these parts out of here

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

the wheels on my Indian are 17". same style mags.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

the pic of your front wheel... i can barely see the 17 on the tire and also the 17 stamped into the mag itself.

looks like yours are 17" and not 18"

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

I'll look into when i get home, i really thought they were 18's.

Oh well, as long as you can find something to complain about right?

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

2 free bumps...who's complaining?


Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

hey just send me everything minus the frame. emailed ya didnt hear back.

yer pal.... jimbo

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

I'll email you jimbo -Jimmy

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

hmm do the forks work or are they out of fluid

haha the tank looks like a clit

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

interested in the mikuni carb email me if still avalible

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

Phil, it is still for grabs, i'll email you.

Mopedjay, the forks are pending sale, if that falls through i'll email you. I believe they are hold fluid still but will check. -Jimmy

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

do you still have the plastic side covers (L&R) , the compression release cable and/or the petcock?

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Timmy Southpark /

no sorry, only thing left is the engine w/ pedals.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

are you still looking to sell the engine? if so, how much. For the right price I'll take 'er.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

Do you still have the carbs and wheels? If so, how much??

thanks, Steve P.

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

I have a stock mikuni carb. if you want it shoot me a pm or email.


Complete engine $50 shipped!

Timmy Southpark /

only thing left is the complete engine. I'll sell it for $50 shipped if anyone is interested. i heard it run!

Re: Indian Moped Part - out!

steve McDonald /

Hi have you still got the side covers and a carb manifold.


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