wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

looking for the either the 50 or 65cc four speed motor or anything that will fit into a riverside frame really.

pic is the same kind of frame I'm looking to fit the engine in.


Re: wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

I've got a spare motor but it has a couple of issues. All of them do and they arent the easiest to find parts for...or the replacements are expensive. You might want to consider hack mounting something thats a little more current...ie morini s5/6

Re: wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

I have a 50cc automatic benelli that should fit that engine mount pattern. I can snap a picture of it for you if you are interested.

Re: wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

Chad...I'd be interested in at least seeing what you have to offer, unless its just a single speed g2 motor. Post a pic, please

Re: wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

Emails sent!

Re: wtb- wards riverside (benelli) motor

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I just saw one on ebay.it

benelli 4 speed

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