OH Nooooo!

So I started disassembling my newly bought Jawa 130 and have a few parts on the way (Thanks!). i decided before the parts got here i would clean the engine up and do some damage assessment. i pulled it from the frame and took the head off and she was nice and full of carbon deposits, but when i pulled the cylinder off i saw this

And this

Now I'm looking for a piston with rings and a cylinder that i dont have to ship from Budapest.

Re: OH Nooooo!

hope you only paid around 200 for it. They're great mopeds, you should be fine. My friend had one with 2 seized rings and lots more damge than that. Mopeds are very forgiving, dont worry.

Re: OH Nooooo!

I just met up with a guy that's got a whole box of nos jawa parts. He's got tons of shit, pistons, rings, the works. Email me at k_grendell@yahoo.com and I'll put you contact with him.

Re: OH Nooooo!

yeah i should have known better i paid 375 for it. But now i know and i'm still glad to have a moped.

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