WTB: A3 crank (only need magneto side)

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Short story:

Bought a "really nice" "threads all intact" condition A3 crank on here recently. Shipped it to Chris at mopedcrankworks to get it reconditioned with better bearings and a 12mm rollerbearing small end conrod. Basically, an A3 crank with a nice A35 conrod, but still using the A3 clutch.

Turns out someone tried to rethread the magneto side of the crank. It's no longer 1mm pitch, now it's (measuring somewhat close to) 1.5mm pitch. (see picture) I know I could try to find a new nut to put on there with a helping of loctite, but I'd feel a lot better making sure this was all legit at this point. I've run into too many awkward complications lately with this project to let something develop as a potential problem.

So really all I need is the magneto side of an A3 crank. I need GOOD INTACT THREADS that have not been stripped or rethreaded. If you have a crank that you fucked up, but the magneto side threads are solid, and you can let it go cheap, let me know.


Re: WTB: A3 crank (only need magneto side)

Re: WTB: A3 crank (only need magneto side)

are the cheeks from the A35 the same as the a3. I could send you an a35 crank with good threads for cheap. 15 shipped?

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