FS 14MM Bing carb $30

Sold the other carb yesterday but i still have this one if someone is intrested, im gonna put it on ebay next week if no one here wants it, 14mm bing from 2 hp maxi, i never used it but it came off an old ped, will prob, need adjusting and new gaskets

$30 shipped

Re: FS 14MM Bing carb $30

Damn, bummed that I just paid $46 for one.

Bump for awesome price.

Re: FS 14MM Bing carb $30

ehhh, screw it, I could use another carb, emailed.

Re: FS 14MM Bing carb $30

does it have an intake?

Re: FS 14MM Bing carb $30

no just carb, but its pending sale til tomorrow

Re: FS 14MM Bing carb $30

back for sale, guess he didnt want it, $30 shipped

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