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So i have a mid 80's general 5 star moped thats about 85% complete for sale. About this time last year i was in the process of building this little guy up as a cafe-ish type deal when i get a call from my roommate that my studio had been broken into. Long story short all my tools and a hand full of parts for this moped were stolen and after dealing with the insurance company they have informed me that my policy doesnt cover vehicles or any property related to said vehicles. Financially i cant pursue this project anymore so i thought i'd post whats left here.

Heres a quick list from memory of whats available -

frame/tank/fork/shocks - powdercoated black, tank has working gas cap and petcock.

spoked wheels - new brake pads and tires - brand new white walled gazelles - 17 x 2.25 i think - chrome in great shape.

seat - good shape, still has general logo printed on rear

Stock minarelli v1/exhaust/carb - great shape - good chrome

Fenders - chrome looks good, very minor pitting on front fender down at the bottom

wiring harness - whats left of it

misc parts - i have a box of other stuff too that ill have to go through, i.e. speedo, turn signals,cables headlight

alright, heres the kicker - I recently moved out to denver but i'll be heading back east (to philly) at the end of april and i'll be bringing whats left of the moped back out west with me. I know this is a whiles away but i thought id post what i have left here now and if anyone is interested we stay in touch till then. I would prefer to sell everything all together but if the general interest is only in parts, i can go that route too. Bike doesnt have a title but from my understanding thats not necessary out here in colorado seeing as its only 50cc's but i rode it around for awhile back home with no problems..but i'll leave that between you and the law. Like i said stuff will be out in denver at the end of april so i can provide pictures then or if someone in philly is interested, we could certainly meet up there. Hit me up with questions and we'll talk prices.

thanks guys - andrew

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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