WTB:Motomaina Sebring SWINGARM BOLT

Yeah so I look at my sebring today at work and see this^ Picture attached. THATS NOT GOOD LOL! Let me know if you have the bolt for it, I believe it broke off or something, I need the axel too because I think it broke off with the bolt, My next post will be pictures of the other side.


Re: WTB:Motomarina Sebring SWINGARM BOLT

Motomarina sorry, lol other side picture^ How it's supposed to look. Let me know if you got one laying around, or where to get one.


Re: WTB:Motomarina Sebring SWINGARM BOLT

You have to take it to a machine shop and have a new one made. They are pretty much unobtainium. The length should be 200mm by (I forget the thickness...I think it's 3/4").

That bolt threads into the swingarm from the exhaust side, so don't use a hammer to pound it out. The other side of the bolt has a nut that is static, so don't try to loosen it (might be why yer's broke?)

Have a new one made, thread it through the swingarm until it gets tight, then put the nut on it and tighten the nut.

Re: WTB:Motomarina Sebring SWINGARM BOLT

Really? fuck, Ok thanks, It's safe to ride it like that then I guess? cause it's threaded into the swingarm? Eventually it would have to be replaced though, shit. It is my daily driver! Thank you Heather for the info, much appreciated!

Anyone have one laying around?




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