WTB: used expansion chamber

Needs to look half decent. I don't care that much what it came from - I'll be putting it on a garelli.

Re: WTB: used expansion chamber

I have the chamber off of a biturbo, baffle is attached but empty, so fill it with A packing and tip of your choice or really Anoy your neighbors!!!

let me know if you are interested and I'll take a pic.

Re: WTB: used expansion chamber

I think I'd prefer something with the baffle intact. Thank you though.

Re: WTB: used expansion chamber

i have one that came off a 590 rotax actually i have 2

one would be perfect for your moped if its around 260cc but im not sure where you would fit it since it will be as big as the bike

Re: WTB: used expansion chamber

Jay, post a picture. ahahaha

Re: WTB: used expansion chamber

they are up my friends house i forgot to grab them last time i was there

all them idiots have sleds this year and i think every one of them got crashed and wrecked so lots of parts

i been thinking of building an automatic street bike with a 590 rotax it might be too slow though seeing how the sled only went 140

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