FT mikuni carb spigot mount

I measured the inner diameter of where it mounts and it comes to 22mm. It also has 052 20 stamped on it. Searching for it's model I came across a bunch of people mentioning that Mikuni doesnt have a VM24. Apparently, it's a VM22. I'm still a bit off on it being a VM series cause my VM20 has different body stylings. It might be that this is a 4 stroke carb. It takes the round dellorto like jets (N100.604). The specs are:

243//n-8 ~ Bushing

87.5 ~ Main Jet

22.5 ~ Pilot Jet

A ~ Starter Jet?

I'm looking for trades only. My random wants...

Mikuni VM16

Del PHBG/SHA carbs

PHBG w7 needle, needle clip, spring and slide insert guide

Moby expansion chamber

Moby Varplus

Tomos 27 or 28 front sprockets

"Peugeot SPX alsil expansion chamber": http://www.treatland.tv/peugeot-SPX-alsil-performance-pipe-p/alsil-peugeot-spx-pipe.htm

E50 bottom end

Tomos spoked wheel brake pads

uhhh, thats all I can think of for now. Email trades and offers to the address above. Thanks for looking!

Re: FT mikuni carb spigot mount

I might want this Raniel...call me

Re: FT mikuni carb spigot mount

I really need a cash offer on this. I just found out I need a new piston and rings for my DT125 :(

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