Feeler: 1977 Puch Newport

A friend of mine wanted me to build her a stock ped. This is what I came up with, fully stock '77 Newport. All the switches/lights/horn work, new side covers, chrome is great but a little dusty, small tear in the seat about the size of a dime, some of the paint is rubbed off from cables and such over the years but no rust, tank is clean, runs great just over 30mph on stock speedo, bing leaks just a bit but petcock is new. I told her a while back that it would be around $500, but I just want some more opinions to be sure. I have a clean title and it is due for tabs ($12.25). What you think?

Re: Feeler: 1977 Puch Newport

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

I think it needs tires before you let her ride it. Cables to if you didnt replace them, cant tell.

Re: Feeler: 1977 Puch Newport

Cables yes, tires no.

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