FS: SHA 15.15 clone + filter

For sale: Runtong Dellorto SHA 15.15 clone plus cool mesh filter

This one takes a weird jet size and does not have a mixture adjustment.

I bought this from Treats, realized it didn't take regular Dellorto jets, and then let it sit on the bench and forgot to return it. Figure out what jet it takes and you're golden, or if you're crafty, you can drill out the stock jet or adapt the body to take Dellorto jets.

$40. Local pickup in Richmond, VA preferred, but I'll deliver to the Dead Peds rally for free! I'll ship if you want, but you pay shipping.

Re: FS: SHA 15.15 clone + filter

Bump for additional information: Treats now says this will take the large Bing jets.

Re: FS: SHA 15.15 clone + filter

I get paid on thursday

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