FS: 103 and 50v parts

Just put up a 103 stock muffler and front fender on EBAY, I have a bunch more Moby 50v and Peugeot 103 parts that will be going up over the next few days. Seller name Sweebo007. Also if you are looking for parts for either, let me know on here. I have lots of parts to get rid of.

Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

got any 103 forks?

Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

yep I sure do. I've got the triple tree too or do you just need the forks?

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Got more parts up. for the 50v: two stock pulleys, fork shields, stock stator, mirrors. for the 103: muffler, front fender, luggage rack, side covers, and stock carb. many more parts will be up soon.


Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

The carb is listed as from a 103, but the pic is a 50v Gurtner. You may waNt to fix that.

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I'm looking for for these parts:

- the spacers on an AV7 head, and the bolt w/ the spacer that sits on the inner portion of the motor mount. So pretty much that whole set up minus the head it self.

- axle nuts (both sets w/ washers

- controls (complete or parts)

- magneto cover

- single seat

- front brake plate

- rear sprocket (the big one) and free wheel sprocket

Let me know if you got any of these sitting around. Thanks

****Email me as well.

Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

Thanks jimbo, I'll get that fixed. @john I'll look through my parts but I should have most of that, I know I have the controls, magneto cover, brake plate, and sprockets. I'll get back to you tomorrow about the rest.

Re: FS: 103 and 50v parts

Looking for a working 103 speedo

Shoot me an email if you have one

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