FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Average CA gas price: $3.974

Best way to get in contact with me is email

Want to get another project sometime soon and need to clear this one out. The moped and almost all of the components have been powdercoated. The rear book rack has a bracket that I welded to it to hold a small ammo can (the ammo can can be removed, and you can mount something else if you want to).

Asking $700 CASH or PAYPAL (funds must be sent as a gift)

The front snowflake has been powdercoated semi-flat black and upgraded to sealed bearings, new tire and tube as well. The rear wheel it still the original silver.

The good: Starts and runs reliably-I rid it to and from school a few days a week. It's a really smooth and comfortable ride. Easy to tune and handle. It's pretty, too.

The bad: left side pedal arm is welded to the shaft because the cotter pin kept slipping, the front snowflake does not have the speedo attachment (this moped used to have spokes, but since I got snowflakes, I have not looked for this part...). I don't have the title, but the the moped does have a license plate, I will provide a bill of sale

Here is what is new:

-EBR inverted heavy duty forks

-Bullet headlight with new lens, dual filament bulb

-Puch 30mph speedometer and odometer

-S&M mid rise handlebars

-Domino spring loaded break levers and throttle

-Left hand handlebar mirror

-Custom wired kill switch

-Oury grips

-Cushy Puch seat (new from treats)

-BMX pedals (I like how much grip these provide over factory pedals)

-Rear book rack with custom (removable) ammo can - I used this for spare parts and tools on rides

-Tail light with single filament bulb

-415 Iris reinforced drive chain

-Pedal chain

-Sebac 300mm covered shocks (NOS, they're perfect!)

-Throttle, starter, and both brake cables are brand new

-Rebuilt e50 engine with a 50cc KSTAR kit

-Dellorto SHA 16.16 (16mm) carburetor with long intake and Tun screen air filter

-Petcock with fuel line and filter

-Techno boss exhaust (not on the moped in the picture, I was replacing the gaskets)

-Tires and tubes

-NGK spark plug, boot and wire

More information:

"Flickr Set":http://tinyurl.com/482tb24

"Google Map of my location":http://tinyurl.com/orangeca





Where I am:


Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

NOTE: I took the drive chain off to clean the moped... Its already back on

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal


Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal


Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

nice looking ped, too bad it will only be a matter of weeks before all that spray paint starts coming off......will be a zebra then :)

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Try putting it on CL? Doubt it's going to sell for more than 500 on here.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Wait, how much is gas again I forgot

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

trav your selling that thing? one of the cleanest maxis I've seen. I didn't know powdercoat comes off and turns the ped into a zebra nitro. You have to show me that sometime

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Yeah, looking to maybe start a new project... Definitely not spraypaint. I out it on CL for like $800 and have few people interested.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Nice machine, lack of title may lower you price.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Shouldn't hurt to much, CA title isn't hard to get

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

is that powder coated, well then forgive me....looks clean, most of the things ive seen forsale on here were with a paint can....my bad

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

yeah well find out before you just knock on guys builds bud. Especially if a guys selling it and your stating false facts, generally not appreciated.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

Just want to remind anyone interested: the black is powdercoated and the frame (almond) is also powdercoated. I did not do this the cheap and crappy way(I'm looking at you Nitro)-this is a quality build.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

I'll entertain reasonable offers... Really just want to get it to someone this week. Email me, let's get some dialogue going.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal

ha ha ok my bad....it is a clean bike...i shouldnt have assumed...good luck with the sale, the price is CHEAP for a powder coat thats why i jumped the gun.

Re: FS: Puch Newport II - SoCal







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