WTB: Moped - Portland Oregon


Does anyone have a moped for sale in the Portland Oregon area? Link me a picture of what you have for sale and a price quote.


WTB: Moped - Portland Oregon

buy my Peugeot 103. Heres the add..


my number is 541 513 1144 I'd like to get around $800.

WTB: Moped - Portland Oregon

Sorry you missed this one. i will have a nice maxi for sale next week, just finishing it up. call me if you wanna talk about it.

541 513 1144

Re: WTB: Moped - Portland Oregon

Hey, thanks.

Where are you located in Portland? I'm in the NW area. I'm flying out of town this weekend though and so I probably won't get a chance to check it out until Monday. I'll try giving you a call now, my number is 503-539-0417

Re: WTB: Moped - Portland Oregon

I live near cedar hills. next week is fine. I am not near my phone for another hour or so.

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