kitted 103 for sale

Selling the orange 103... this bike:

It is fast, I have the title in hand.

Lots of recent work to it, gila 70, dellorto phbg, cdi, new tires, new polini filter, new headlight, new cables, engine newly rebuilt.

I can give you more details if you are interested, email me or give me a call 541 513 1144 J.J.

I'd like to get about $800. thats cheap.

Re: kitted 103 for sale

morning bump

Re: kitted 103 for sale

so far away from me...

Re: kitted 103 for sale

Portland Oregon! come and get it!

I am open to offers for a quick sale.

I can hold the bike for you if you pay in full thru paypal.

I am also willing to help with delivery to seattle for gas money.

more info:

new aluminum pulley.

tires are gazelles.

carb is a 21mm

doppler pipe

uprated spring variotop with clutch function

upgraded reeds

brand new bearigns seals and gaskets,

and a new piston and rings.

70 cc hi comp head with working decomp.

new tail light

Did I mention it has a title and its ridiculously fast?

Re: kitted 103 for sale


Re: kitted 103 for sale

Didn't see this until now. I see that you posted it as being sold, let me know if the sale doesn't work out. Thanks

Re: kitted 103 for sale

yep sold it. gotta be fast around here. responded to your other post ... but I have a very nice maxi that is almost ready to sell, call me about it. 541 513 1144

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