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Attack of the Clones!

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Sounds like you have a clone on your hands. Before you buy all that stuff I would first check if you have a bushing there that you can remove. Some of the clones don't have replaceable bushings like mine.

I had to drill out that hole that goes down into the float bowl to get a bushing to fit. This is tricky because if the hole isn't perfectly centered the needle won't slide up and down in the atomizer freely.

Check it out. If you don't have a removable bushing it might not be worth spending more on the carb. If your confused send me a pic looking down where the slide goes and I'll tell you what you have.

Re: Attack of the Clones!

I was starting to think it was a clone since the starter jet didn't have any identification marking. I've noticed phbg's always come with a 60 so I'm sure it's that. It's for sure got the 2 stroke atomizer and bushing. I'm a bit thrown off because it says Del PHBG 18 AS. I still think it's the real deal. It just didn't come with the parts listed cause I got it in a trade.

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