FS: E50 cases

Ive got some e50 cases that someone has took a drimel and ported them out a little. I feel you could get them and be ported to your choice. and i also have a top half of an engine case. Shoot me an offer if interested on either or both.


Re: FS: E50 cases

Aaron And Kelly Schmits /

Hey Chris -

This is Aaron from James' place - Don't need the cases, but was wondering if you got that Honda or Tomos over the weekend. Thanks again for the help. : )

Re: FS: E50 cases

i will take 30 shipped for all pictured.

Re: FS: E50 cases

Bump back to the top!!!

Re: FS: E50 cases

you photo link is dead :(

Re: FS: E50 cases

Emailed pics!

Re: FS: E50 cases


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