1980 General Five Star toptank V1

Solid straight metal flake green body/frame, great forks with key, super clean inside and solid couple marks only outside metalflak green tank and key, good seat ~ couple small flaws, solid chrome fenders ~ few poc marks, spoke rims are decent not awesome, bars ~ speckles, all controls cables and wiring except right rear signal, headlight and front signals, 50mph 900 miles speedo ~ good needle, V1 is missing the carb and mag side fan/cover, coil ~ no sparkplug/boot, pedals turn ~ clutch is slippery, but I havent cracked open anything on this minarelli at all....

I would much rather trade it than sell it, I would rather sell it than part it

couple offers whole as-is but first dibs to preferred trades for clean/complete mild mannered stock runners... my personal wish list includes: minty 1978 first generation red-n-white PA50-I (PA50-M) Hobbit, Vespa Si, vari Ciao, Rigid Swinger/Free Spirit

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

I have a decent PA50-I red/white Hobbit I'd trade for that! :) Not super mint, but she's a real good start!

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

Darnit Monti ,snatchin this from New Phili from me. Ha, I was .gonna get it at 9 but you got it at 8. Keep Ohio bikes in Ohio,Haha...My wife said no anyway, Good find

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

hit new philly and then took the family horseback riding in jewett, just got it home this evening and snapped some pics... i love the generals but im on a crazy hobbit binge this spring.

brian, email me pix/specs... gas isnt quite $4 yet so toledo isnt out of the question (again) ha.

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

will bump all week because there is a sale pending this weekend.... BUT ... dibs goes to the right swaps if they happen first...

if you have a cherry 78 hobbit, im even willing to deliver/meet within reasonable drive time for the trade.

maybe other trades, lemme know.

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

how much you want? Want to send another one in a box?

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

haha, i figured there was a chance Id here from you ... this would make what? 4 toptank peds you and i have done?

If I am selling outright, there are a couple fellas in line already, but if they bow out before the end of the month, you are up...emailed also.

Still.... a sweet little '78 Hobbit runner trade trumps all sales and Im even willing to deliver/pickup/meet-halfway within a day-trip for the right swap.

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

to the top.... solid cash offer(s) pending this weekend if I dont find the right trade before then... if you have an interesting trade now is the time... will deliver/meet within a day-trip drive if need be.... especially n.o.s. hobbits, especially 78 red~white.

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

sold... picking up tomorrow.

ps... one more V1 General 'in the works'...

Re: 1980 General Five Star toptank V1

Such a sweet bike. Still kinda mad I didn,t get it...

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