FS: 78 Free Spirit

I got a free spirit sitting around that i haven't had time to get to wrenching on yet (trying to get a different bike ready for thunderdrome). Tank is pretty clean and the bike itself is in fair condition. I haven't really messed with it at all and it looks like it will need some wiring gone through. One thing i did notice (besides the pillow case seat cover) is that the e50 will most likely need a new crank since the end where the nut would screw on to hold the flywheel on is broke off so there is no nut but the flywheel is solidly on there. It has a 14 bing with matching intake. Also has good compression. Located in Owosso, Michigan. Looking for any and all reasonable offers. Might part it out if there is enough interest in most of the parts. I will be working on the ped when i can find the time so i might have it road ready in in a week or two.


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e50 other side


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another of the ped


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is that your thunderdrome ped in the background with the biturbo?

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what do you want for it?

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† CH∆D † /

Id be into the frame/tank shipped perhaps

FS: 78 Free Spirit

hey,I live in grand rapids and am very interested.Have a murray and a free spirit would mix in very nicely.I can offer about $200 or so? here is pic of murray. looks lonely huh?


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The Pinto with the biturbo might be my thunderdrome bike just for shits and giggles but you can't see the hobbit behind it that I could also race. Or maybe I'm racing the secret ped in my basement.

If someone wanted to give me $300 for it as is I'd let it go. Thats pretty much what the main parts are worth....

e50 $60-80

carb and intake $35-45

frame $75ish

swing arm $40

tank $20

forks $30

wheels $50-75

pedal crank $25-35

Totals estimated at $335-$400 for those parts

Then there are still the little parts like tailight, headlight worthless stock pipe, seat pan with foam, fenders, etc

So if anybody wants it for $300 let me know and I won't mess with it otherwise I'll plan on working on her in my free time and get her road ready.

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Bump it up

Send me offers on parts if you are interested in any.

I also have a clean e50 that I could throw on it this weekend if anybody is interested.

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Front Page

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Would you sell either of the e50's you mentioned? 75$ for the clean one?

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I dont have a spare e50 anyhow. Sorry.

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Also this is no longer for sale.

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