FS tomos parts

$40 shipped without the fairings

$70 shipped with the fairings

~QTY 2 Horns

~QTY 2 pairs Headlight arm mounts

~QTY 2 40mph Speedo's with housing and indicator bulbs

~Speedo Cable

~1999 silver sprint headlight fairing

~1999 silver sprint left side fairing

~2001 blue targa tt left side fairing

~One complete set of turn signals. The mounting holes are damaged, but still mountable.

I need:

~Dellorto Main Jets 90's

~Tomos Side Intake

~E50 Bottom End

~Dellorto SHA Carb

~Mikuni 16/18 Carb

~Moby Varplus

~Moby CDI

~Expansion chamber pipe for Puch/Moby

Email trades and offers to the address above.


Re: FS tomos parts

Re: FS tomos parts

junk bump

Re: FS tomos parts

will the speedo cable fit an a35?

Re: FS tomos parts


Re: FS tomos parts

Speedo cable, SOLD.

Thanks for the quick response, Bryan!

Re: FS tomos parts


free bump!!

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