Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

I have a Honda MB5 in about the same condition as the LTD. It is missing the front wheel and the gas tank is in bad shape and the seat is missing. I do not have the cash to ship this. Can you come to Jacksonville, Florida with it to trade?

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

I have two project maxi's and other puch parts im out in berkeley springs wv ill email you if you want

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

Sorry, I'm not really into a major project MB5 right now. Kind of looking for a running, riding small cc motorcycle if I'm going to go that route.

Also, sorry, I don't need any Maxi's currently.

Chris - I emailed you. Definitely want to see pics of that cb.

William - let me know what you're thinking! :) I've also got a Garelli Monza GT you might be interested in?? (needs work though)

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I hate to be the ass here, but I can't be the only one thinking it. C'mon dude, there isn't much happening here. You have a dash and 5-stars, thats it. If you are trying to get more than $300-350, its a bit out of hand. Sure its a project, and sure its a LTD, but you probably got this with the other 2 mopeds for $100. I can't fault you for trying to make a few bucks, but this is a real project, one that is gonna cost the new owner some big bucks to make it a real nice LTD again. As much as I'd love the whole thing, I struggle to watch rusty parts sell for a ton more than they are worth.

And really dudes, $200-350 for a LTD tank? Thats a joke. I paid $125 for a nice one 2 years back, and I thought that was too much. And I was looking for a long time. LTDs sure are rare, but its all about condition. A crappy one isn't worth a whole lot, especially if its not complete.

Sorry, hate away. This is my opinion; but I am sure many others reading this agree. I am usually an ass in LTD threads, but only because I think people over-value them. Its easy to make your own for a lot cheaper! Like any moped, I think only the nicest should go for the big bucks.

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

Not worried about you hating dude. And yes, I believe that price for a LTD tank is outrageous. Which is why I refused to pay it to the people who emailed me. Who said I'm after huge money? I'm waiting for a possible trade setup for a bike dude. Either way, I'm not hard pressed to sell nor am I insulted by any offer. And no, I didn't get this with another bike for a hundred bucks. Not every deal in Ohio is like that at all.

Thanks for the bump though.

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450$ plus a magnum gas tank is not a bad price for this bike thats what he wanted from me for it. plus he wanted to keep the seat from it .....

Bump Brian

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

Yeah, I saw an incomplete magnum XK selling for 400 missing the seat and tank and people thought that was fair selling on here last month or so. I'm not butthurt at all about his comments, I know what the individual parts are worth and I'm not expecting partout prices (total) on the complete bike. Which is why I said I have other bikes to put towards a cool small motorcycle.

Thanks for the bump casher!

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"_You have a dash and 5-stars, thats it. If you are trying to get more than $300-350, its a bit out of hand._"

He's got a complete bike minus a tank. You can run it without the plastic side covers or the fairing and still have a badass bike.

Let's do a parts breakdown (shipped cost, and rough estimates)

Magnum frame/forks $100

Magnum Swingarm $50

5-stars $100-$160

Crappy condition ZA with electronics and top end $50-$75

Bars $15

Controls $20

Seat $30+?

ZA pedal crank $50

Side cover $20?

Springy rear shocks $15

plus headlight, wiring, turn signals, oil reservoir, fenders, AND THE DASH!

Hmmmm, I think it's worth the money just in parts. Soooo, 3 possible scenarios.

1. Someone gets a good deal on a LTD that needs a rebuild

2. He parts it out and makes even more than he would sell the complete bike for

3. Someone buys the whole thing complete and parts it out on MA or Ebay.

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

That XK ended up selling for $300 shipped to a friend of mine, so it was a good deal, as shipping cost about $75 but I can see why people think this LTD might be overpriced. Hey whatever someone will pay is what it's worth right!

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Let's keep this thread on point here. Thanks for backing me up, but I'm honestly not worried about what Cuperzacho's opinion is on the subject. If he only knew about the 20-30 emails I have in my inbox about wanting me to part it out. Ask anyone that really knows me, I'd rather trade cool stuff for cool stuff than be a jerk and try to gouge someone for a project bike. Maybe someone else has a bike that they don't really want that I'd be interested in having. We'd both be getting something we each want!

Thanks again guys.

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Fair enough, that is a reasonable price. I guess I just got the opinion you were trying to get much more, that always seems to be the case.

Good luck with the sale.

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

† CH∆D † /

I need a tank bump?

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

That always seems to be the case? Seriously? I hope you meant that in general because you don't even know me! Go shit on someone elses thread. Your input isn't require or asked for. Thanks!

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

Shane Antisocialite /

I have a streetfighter 94 Yamaha FZR 600 I'd consider trading if you have other peds you can load up into a package deal type thing. Clean title. Email me if you are interested in that type of bike.

Re: FS - Magnum LTD #367

This bike is SOLD!

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