FS puch stuffs

charHARHARHARlie /

yo i got:

-a stock cylinder, i think its the 1hp one, round ports. comes with piston, no ring.

-stock pipe

-12 bing. comes with stock 64 jet.

-12 round intake

-14 round intake

-some random wires and buttons. idk how useful they are, i forgot, theres cracks and broken bits.. i'll check when i get home.

-right side stock magura brake & throttle assy. comes with brakelight switch

-stock cables if you want them

-clutch cover. has a crack on the inside where the pin goes down. other than that the arm and pin are good.

-two shoe clutch, stock springs. pads are good.

-cheap miny tail light that treats sells, comes with bulb.

-rusty springs

-blue foxi frame w/ swingarm and kickstand. no forks or motor mount bracket. will mount an e50.

-stock crank. needs new seals and bearings, im not taking them off.

-two left pedals

-stock handlebars

thats all i can think of for now.. i'll add pics later

the only thing i need are a B polini piston and ring, blue/paz springs, and a headlight, just the glass, or everything.. other than that, shoot me offers. and zip codes for shipping estimates.

im in long beach/lakewood CA if you wanna just pick up stuff.

Re: FS puch stuffs

Tried e-mailing you, bounced back, Need some of the stuff

e-mail me back, thanks Jerry

Re: FS puch stuffs

hey could you email me regarding the foxi frame? I'd like to see some pics. Thanks.

Re: FS puch stuffs

charHARHARHARlie /

emails sent.

Re: FS puch stuffs


Re: FS puch stuffs

Recovering gas-a-holic /

14mm intake $8 shipped ? let me Know Thanks

Re: FS puch stuffs

Hey man I can stop by and grab that control from ya. and some other stuff. email me your number and I'll give you a call man

Re: FS puch stuffs

Selling a frame you got for free!

Re: FS puch stuffs

Email sent about Magura throttle.

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