FS PUCH Magnum

runs grate 60+


80cc large port metrakit ported by shaw 240.00 he did it for lots of grunt

e50 case tig and sleeved ported by shaw 150.00

rito crank 135.00

24 flat slid 115.00

race clutch 50.00

ignition 60.00

cables 40.00

tires 90.00

gears 40.00

seals/bearings 30.00

intake 50.00 .

pipe 115.00

and more that i cant remember right now

total in parts 1115.00 + tax+shipping over over 1300 in parts

I do have the seat foam to go with it

i dont think i have 4 or 5 tanks of gas through it

950.00 OBO


Re: FS PUCH Magnum

i wept a little reading the stats on it. its so beautiful (clears nose and wipes tears)

Re: FS PUCH Magnum

Damn That's Nice!

Re: FS PUCH Magnum

grate job

Re: FS PUCH Magnum

email sent

Re: FS PUCH Magnum

And they said cali magnums are over priced! This is a great deal !

Free Bump.

Re: FS PUCH Magnum

thank you all

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