FS: Ducati CDI

Brand new. I had plans to make this work on my moped but don't feel like it anymore. It's from a little two stroke dirt bike. I don't have a CDI box to go with it. If you want to try and make it fit your bike send me an email with an offer. As long as it covers shipping and makes it worth the trip to the post office I will most likely say yes.


Re: FS: Ducati CDI

Looks like that's a lighting coil. Am I right?

Re: FS: Ducati CDI

I would have to agree with you because I don't know what else it could be.

I am also open to trades... knives, long bows, art, vintage furniture or clothes, food, beer, booze, bicycle stuff, motorcycle stuff, pretty much anything cool.

Re: FS: Ducati CDI

I'd be up for giving it a shot, but there's no need to ship it; Wanna just make a trade off next time I make it down for a ponies ride? I don't know if I can make it tonight, but maybe next week.

Re: FS: Ducati CDI

Yeah that's cool. The only other person that has shown interest is Rocky but he hasn't made any offers yet. The CDI has been sitting in a box for the past 3 years so I am in no hurry.

Re: FS: Ducati CDI

Well, Rocky recently gave me some cool stuff, so he has dibs over me if he tries to claim it before I'm able to make it down :)

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