Who wants Derbi Forks?

I have a set of forks off of a Derbi Variant. I took them apart to clean them but ended up scoring NOS forks off of Handy Bikes(this was three years ago)

Anyway, they have been sitting around collecting dust and I want them gone. One of t he fork tubes is slightly bent but still ok to ride. These would be perfect if you needed parts for your forks. I am not sure I have all the washers, seals, and shims still. Let me know what you need and I will see if I have it. Send me an email and I will respond a lot faster.

Re: Who wants Derbi Forks?

I am also open to trades... knives, long bows, art, vintage furniture or clothes, food, beer, booze, bicycle stuff, motorcycle stuff, pretty much anything cool.

Re: Who wants Derbi Forks?

i'll buy you a beer next time i see you if you give them to me

Re: Who wants Derbi Forks?

Which fork tube is bent? What color are they?

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