2003 Kinetic TFR - Parts Roanoke VA

I have a complete 2003 Kinetic TFR in great condition. I could not get it to run, I think that the timing is off. I am selling it for parts or whole if you can pick it up. It is completely stock besides for a dellorto 13.13 that I bought for it trying to get it to run. Let me know if there is anything your interested in and Il throw out a price. Willing to negotiate or trade.

Re: 2003 Kinetic TFR - Parts Blacksburg VA

I live in blacksburg BTW, close to Roanoke...

how much you lookin for?

I travel all over for work. I will be in Durham NC next week, while it is still a couple of hours from Blacksburg/Roanoke, I will make the special trip if the price is good.

Let me know via email or pm.

This week, I am heading to DC, but coming back down 95 to Eastern NC, not anywhere close to 81.


the price on the 13.13 too.. how is the headlight bucket? does it have mirrors and turn signals?

other parts

ignition switch with key? mudflaps? how is the seat?

other parts

Everything is in perfect condition besides for slight rust spots on the rear rack.Moped alone is 220 Ill sell the whole moped and 13.13 for 260. Yes it has mirrors, turn signals and hi/low beam that all work. Throw out an offer if you think that's unreasonable. Im also accepting partial or full trades if you have an old puch frame in decent condition or anything else i might be able to use. I especially need a puch front fender/stabilizer or a tomos fork...

Re: other parts

does your bike have a plastic end cap on the back of it? i need one of them.

Re: other parts

I want the ignition switch with key and the seat if no tears, shipped to 95820.

emailed direct

I emailed direct to your email.. let me know.. Thanks!

Re: emailed direct

sorry boys it just sold locally


While i wanted some parts.. glad you sold it.

i will keep my eyes out for what i need.

anybody looking at this thread, keep me in mind.

i am looking for non-broken/cracked top and bottom of the headlight bucket/console, ignition switch with key. Some TFR's came with a rear rack.. I need the left support. both mud flaps. and always want a 13.13 and too cheap to order one new..

Thanks.. want to make my 3 just about perfect.. one of them is, the other two need just little stuff here and there.

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