Stock Puch and performance Puch stuff for sale

2 12mm bings - one is missing the top cap and both are missing the choke slide. comes with 2 intakes. 68 bing jet and a 60 bing jet are in the carbs respectively. I have used them both with good results but they have been sitting for a while.. they didn't leak when I had them on bikes but now??? you know bings.

$40 shipped for the bings and stuff

2 stock air boxes, one is pretty dirty and the other one is ok. they work.

$12 shipped for each airbox or $17 for both

sealed beam headlight with bucket. it has the "maxi" logo on top of it. it's off a 76 maxi s. light works. pretty good shape.

$17 shipped for headlight

stock magura controls with cables and stuff. they work, throttle works etc etc. does not include clutch cable. does not include the left hand grip.

$30 shipped for stock controls with cables (cables are over 30 years old please remember this --- but they are not frozen and do work)

2 stock e50 cranks, one needs seals and bearings the other may need bearings/seals. big end bearings are good. both do not come with anything BUT the bearings and seals, no clutch bushing or shims.

$20 shipped for each of the stock e50 cranks

40mph VDO speedometer. it works... can maybe include cable. light works on it too, score!

$25 shipped for 40mph VDO speedometer, probably with cable too

21mm Gila intake (it's the flat one that shoots to the left). spigot mount.

$17 shipped for 21mm Gila intake

Motomatic 21mm Gila intake for spigot mount carb. i'm going 24mm, so I won't be needing this.

$55 shipped for Motomatic 21mm Gila intake ($60 from them and they are out of stock every where)

email or post here, whatever.

I think that's it. if I find anything else I wanna sell i'll post it up.

Re: Stock Puch and performance Puch stuff for sale

yeah, willing to negotiate on prices a little too...

Re: Stock Puch and performance Puch stuff for sale

Im very interested in the magura controls. i really just need the throttle. Also interested in the headlight and an airbox.

give me a price for that stuff, thanks!

im in chicago.

Re: Stock Puch and performance Puch stuff for sale

is the first gila intake the one that comes with the kit? maybe wanna email me a picture? thanks

Re: Stock Puch and performance Puch stuff for sale

controls are sold

PLEASE email me regarding any of this stuff, much easier for me to check my email, thanks.

Train - the "1st" gila intake is one of the ones that looks like a scooter intake from treats... like the doppler one. i'm not sure what brand it is... maybe doppler? you'd need a riser plate for it to work on the gila or cut some fins (but who wants to cut fins from such a nice looking kit?).

I do have the stock gila intake too if you're interested in that, i'd let it go real cheap.

Mike - $25 shipped for the headlight and airbox, just add the prices --- they already include shipping but i'll give you a shipping break because you are interested in two items that can fit in the same priority mail box.

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