FS snowflake mags

VERY nice set of snowflake mags ... these rims are E 1.35 X 17 inch grimeca 's and hold 2.25 x 17 tires

bare mags only... $60 shipped

mags with sachs axels, brakes/plates, sprocket... $80 shipped

hobbit trades like kits/pipes/other hobbitness?

Re: FS snowflake mags

rear mag sold...

bump for the 17" snowflake mag front... $40 shipped

again with the offers? trades?

Re: FS snowflake mags

bump this excellent condition front 17" snowflake mag with all the axle/brakes/hardware and the tube/tire... $40 includes shipped or how'bout free and shipped free for certain pa50 i/ii trades.

Re: FS snowflake mags

bump in the night... super clean 17" snowflake grimeca mag with all hardware/hub/brakes/axel, still have, still dont need, still looking for $40 obo includes shipped or trades

Re: FS snowflake mags

bump and speaking of... this mag will take'm better than your old spokes can.

offers/trades for this 17" snowflake with all the guts?

you could also talk me out of those nearly perfect Suburban forks and chrome fender this rim is sitting in in the pix.

Re: FS snowflake mags

$30 shipped bare? $40 shipped with all the fixins?

Re: FS snowflake mags

ok then ... $35 shipped includes all the whatsits withits.

also, i would still make a killer deal on this mag mounted on and the complete forks and triple tree and chrome fender.... $40 uyp front plus exact lowest available shipping cost when shipped.

Re: FS snowflake mags

still up for a really nice cheap/shipped mag

or the mag and forks

or the mag and forks and bars and controls,

or the mag and forks and bars and controls and headlight/speedo,

or the mag and forks and bars and controls and headlight/speedo and fenders,

or the mag and forks and bars and controls and headlight/speedo and fenders and frame

Re: FS snowflake mags

what bike is it from?

Re: FS snowflake mags

@ pizza ... Sachs Suburban.

bump it...

even cheaper if you bundle-buy all the sachs stuff I have listed

even free with the right bundled buys/trades (all the sachs stuff and or the sweet Murray runner ped and or the general five star toptank ped)

Re: FS snowflake mags

email for more pics.... full suburban frame with swingarm and really nice fenders and forks and the wirining harness and the bars and controls and cables and headlight/speedo and this fron snowflake mag.... its time to get this chassis out of my living room (im not the only guy with bikes in the living room right?)

make an offer for pickup or an offer plus exact shipping ... or hobbit stuff trades for pickup swap or trades for even plus exact shipping....

for hobbit PA50ii go-fast stuff, id even trade everything free and ship free

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