FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

1980 Puch MAXI for sale

70cc TCCD piston port kit

TCCD 70cc hi-comp head

14mm Bing

14mm Intake

All new gaskets

Starts up nice.

Clean E50, gone through and sealed.

New engine bearings

Hardwired with stock kill switch and super sweet loom.

Super awesome custom wrapped grips

low rise Renthal Aluminum motorcycle bars

Nice tail light with working bulbs

Flat "pancake" style headlight

New petcock

Refreshed wheel bearings

Refreshed headset bearings

Sweet 1.5 seat, lowered and moved back for maximum comfort.

Decent paint, some surface rust.

New knarped cables

2.5 tires with tons of tread

Nice spoke rims (need to be trued a bit)

Good brakes

Forks are blue, painted black.

*Magnum Length pedal crank/arms*

Add a boss pipe and rip!

Located in Southern California (Riverside)






Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Probably Fred /

Speed ?

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Mannn if I had the money id snatch this up in a second...interested in any trades?

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

I live in Hollywood. I'd like to take your bike for a test ride tomorrow, and if things are as good as they seem in your ad, I'd like to buy it and ride it home :) 323-633-6700

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Christopher Henshaw /

those grips are nasty!

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Leslie that is quite the distance to ride...

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

yeah, riverside is far, i guess i meant it more to mean: I WANT TO BUY THIS MOPED ASAP

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

lol. Well, I'll give you a call right now. I'll also throw a GPS on it today and see what it does.

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Couple things I missed: has 18x45 gearing, letting it do just over 40mph. (still would go faster with a pipe). Has a nice mirror, AND I have a size small helmet I can throw in if it fits!

I'll probably be throwing this on craigslist tomorrow night if nobody on MA wants this...

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

I was bored, so bike is now on Craigslist. MA people still have priority if you send me a direct email off my profile.


Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

good price for cali. those grips are nice. I can even tie my shoes.

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Thanks dude!

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

hey steven..... Riverside isnt that far away..... even on moped i can make it from Riverside to Silverlake in an hour and a half...... almost as long as it takes to drive that in a cage.....

Someone snatch this thing up....!!!!!!! NOW!!!

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Bike is totally sound. Went on a sweet test ride and Jake was totally cool, it just wasn't the bike for me. The bike is in good shape and it tears it uphill really well. The breaks probably need a little TLC. Throw on a pipe and it will fly. This is going to be a sweet bike for someone at a great price. Good luck to you Jake. You are a rad dude.

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

id get that in a heartbeat if i was closer! DAM! it sucks livin in canada!

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Thanks Trevor, Leslie, and Jacob. Im dropping the price some, kids.


Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Would you consider bringing it or shipping it to florida?

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Iwill buy this outright if you will ship

Re: FS: Kitted '80 Maxi MKII

Sorry guys, can't ship cause IT'S SOLD! Went for $450 to a cool chick named Cassie. Keep an eye out for her around Choke moped shop sometime soon!

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