WTB: Kill Switch for 1978 Pinto

Looking for the black plastic switch part of the kill switch for a 1978 JC Penny Pinto. The silver casing part is still intact and fine, the guy who sold it to me said the switch part snapped off trying to use it the first time.

Any idea where I could find one? I've looked at treats, 1977, and eBay scarcely. Thanks folks.

Re: WTB: Kill Switch for 1978 Pinto

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if you can thread a small screw into the stub end of the switch, that should do the trick.

"or, just get a new toggle":http://www.treatland.tv/metal-toggle-switch-with-light-indicator-p/metal-toggle-switch-with-light.htm

good luck

Re: WTB: Kill Switch for 1978 Pinto

go to your local hardware store and get a relay switch (same as toggle switch but mor compact and hooks right up) i just bought one today for my 78 pinto actually haha

Re: WTB: Kill Switch for 1978 Pinto

surprisingly the little toggle switch i bought fits perfectly into one of the holes in the side of the frame (engine bracket) works really good. i also bought a lighted switch button but didnt work sadly... i thought killswitch and light in the same thing no way!

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