need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

here we are again..... Need a hobbit kit... any flavor?

used/useable shocko is probably the best fit for my budget! ha

I also have a really nice set of sachs snowflake mags for tradesies against nicer kits if thats interesting?

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

Tony montana /

whats up bro? been super busy, ihave a good stock top end for a paII if all else fails.....what other projects you working on? still got those vespas? i finally got my '83 paII done, its a blaster now, close to 50 mph. drop me a email, still have some odds and ends parts laying around. havent been very good finds on peds 'round here lately so let me know if you have any cheap bikes....

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

email backatcha tony!

and bump....

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

yes, i still need another kit... or hell, take allllllllll that nice sachsy stuff ive been bumping plus the excellent complete suburban frame and swingarm all as even trade against a complete clean hobbit, kit for exact lowest shipping cost only.

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

back up... email me kits/pix/price or have possible trades for other stuff in the buy/sell

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

ok, so you know that you have a 44mm 60cc plain old vanilla stocko shocko hobbit kit and you have started thinking about moving up to a 70cc kit, but dont have the budget to do what you really want.....

BUT .... how about you sell me your clean/complete unabused mild 60cc shocko kit for $65 shipped?

So then you can finally get that 70cc big boy kit you wish you had gotten in the first place!

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

bump again- still want.... (two more hobbits in the house)

complete/clean shocko kit with all the guts?

partial kits like just cylinders? just pistons? other?

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

Just buy a new DR from treats. The shocko is only temporary satisfaction, especially if you buy it used

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

i hear ya, and I agree; a stocko shocko isnt even half as good as a DR or Polini or pretty much any other branded kit.... but I'm ok with that if it also isnt even half the price. Im just doing a mild hop up on the wife's '78 red-n-white.

So if you've outgrown or outlived the temporary satisfaction of your used but clean/complete plain ol' stocko shocko 60cc kit already.... I'll be happy to help you cover much of your upgrade costs to go large.... $65 shipped for a used/clean/complete is game-on, just lemme know ...

heck treats has a brand new 73cc ATHENA for UNDER $150 right now! (normally almost 2 $tones)

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

i have stocko with a extra set of rings 60.00 shipped. around 100 miles on kit. still on running nu50

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

fallout Survivor /

I thought I saw a cheap kit at 120 on ebay. Maybe I should have got that instead of the stock cylinder.? Hopefully that will restore compression..

Re: need/wtb - Hobbit cylinder kit

@Mike.... deal! will paypal/email

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