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recently, I have purchased some things on ebay from somebody in germany. Been a good exp.

example: one of the sellars has a Vespa SI 4 spoke rear wheel for a buy it now of 19.99 Euros (27.74), and 39.99 Euros for dhl international shipping (54.bux). This is still almost half of what I have seen some stateside sellars selling the same wheel for.

On the stuff I have ordered, it came exactly as described., only took about 2-3 weeks. It helps that Igoogle has a translator web page. You just copy/past the web link into their page, and it then opens up a new window with it converted... some things are a little off, but, you can tell exactly what you are getting.

Re: European EBay sellers

- Summerai - Drew /

Cool story bro.

Re: European EBay sellers

On the other hand, I recently got screwed by an Ebay France seller. Paypal got my money back. The ass-hat wouldn't answer any messages I sent him. I sent a fake request about wanting to buy his motorcycle he had listed for about $3,000 and he replied to that so I know he was getting my messages. Pretty sad because he had a rare motor I wanted but I know there will be more out there.

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i've had good experiences with german ebay and italian ebay. got some really good deals in the past too. i got a simonini engine (old style with the 3 cylinder studs) with the 90cc simonini kit, CDI, 24mm mikuni, and crank for about 300 bucks. it was hardly used too!

must just be those french people...well, not really, just dishonest people i guess

paypal only!

I have been screwed by sellars a few times over the years, and paypal has always given me my money back, and never over 2 weeks. They will pay you even before they collect their money back.

I have only purchased from actual ebay business's with good ratings overseas, never from an individual, so I don't have exp with that.

Most stuff is still cheaper stateside tho. but, it is an option, and i have used it and was quite satisfied.

just hit worldwide on the left side of your first page of results, and it will pull from all ebay sites worldwide based on those search terms.

USA search for "vespa moped" returns 385 listings, Worldwide comes back with almost 1000 results.

forgot to add

The sellar I deal with (Mofashop), put all kinds of extra stuff in the box..

gave me 4 base gaskets, 4 fuel filters, a front brake set..

I did not ask for anything extra.. well packed..

top seller, fast shipping too.

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