WTB:Parts Puch Maxi or stock runner

Getting ready to start another project and could use either a base to start with or something to pull odds and ends off of to complete what I already have. Looking for something relatively complete , but doesn't need to have a motor (if it does, it does not need to run), I am looking for it to have wheels (rims or mags) intact. Beat to shit is perfect as long as it has usable parts. Complete runners welcomed too, just needs to be a maxi. I'm in Omaha and don't mind an excuse to travel long distance (i.e. chicago, minneapolis, denver, souix falls, KC, STL) to pick it up.

Let me know what you got and what you want for it.

orangerobin - I know you're close and I've been needing to get down to KC, you have anything?


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