FS: '78 Maxi

1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII moped for sale. Awesome little bike, has the za50 two-speed engine, and an aftermarket Techno Boss exhaust. Runs, but does have alittle bearing noise. I'm located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota but would consider shipping/delivery...Asking $450, and I have the title too.


Re: FS: '78 Maxi

how much would you charge to ship to columbus OH

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that is a nice bike, but logan we live in ohio, dont you know where all the mopeds come from!?

Re: FS: '78 Maxi

Logan- I would help you ship it if you made the arrangements...but I dont know what that runs?

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Re: FS: '78 Maxi

Hello, is it sold??

If not, I am living in Montreal Canada, but I can drive and meet you.

I am a real buyer! Please let me know as soon as possible.



Re: FS: '78 Maxi


Nope, its still available! You serious about wanting to check it out? When were you thinking of driving?

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