1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana

I will take more detailed pics this week.

1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - $560

Currently checks in at 808 Original Miles.


Speedy stock exhaust

high flow intake

.64 jet

-Has left side battery/storage box, intact with cover, comes with right side storage box (removed for aesthetics) missing cover.

-Comes with 3 turn signals, have been removed due to one missing and the turn signal switch missing, wiring all intact still.

-front of seat is torn, has been covered with electrical tape to prevent further tearing.

-Original tool kit is still under seat, looks brand new and i've used it once on my tomos.

Not interested in trades.

Can deliver within 150 miles of south bend indiana, more at buyers expense, will not ship

Selling because this bike is too big for my tiny girlfriend. I bought her a tiny tomos instead.

I posted this up a while back for $550 and had a lot of interest, I've since bought new side covers and a top cover for it, price is only $10 more and i've added tons of expensive restore stuff! Special price for moped army as i've listed it way high on craigslist for those weirdo vespa scooter fanatics.

Call/text Josh @ 269.357.4372

Cruises at 30mph riding dubs! my GF and i cruised around all fall on it and with single rider does 32-37mph depending on size of rider and conditions.

Starts every time, runs like a gem, I love this moped, it's super smooth and very comfortable but i have a kitted tomos ive been modding and dont need this around. Needs to go to someone that will ride this thing like it deserves. Being 32 years old and only having 808 miles is not acceptable!

Re: 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana

couple of pictures from today

Re: 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana

I'm getting a lot of calls and texts that start off with 'i know you said no trdes but...'

Just to be clear: I am only willing to trade for CA$H MONEY ;)

Re: 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana

Back up top. Willing to take offers, of the cash kind.

Re: 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana

Supposed to be selling today to a fellow off craigslist. Gonna be sad to see it go :(

Re: 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe - South Bend Indiana


i know this is an old post but was wondering if you still have the turning signals or if they were sold with the bike.... am looking for one turning signal cover.


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