FS: Laser sport parts

All parts from very _low_ mileage Laser Sport

Front wheel $25 (includes brake drum )

Rear wheel $15

Muffler $15 (surface rust only will buff up luverly !)

Front fender $10

Speedo $10

Or all for $65 pick up (Boston) preferred but will ship at a push

Re: FS: Laser sport parts

Bryan Decaterina /

Ill take the rear wheel........send me a price shipped to 23223 Richmond VA


Re: FS: Laser sport parts

goldencat, if you get this, let me trade something for the rear wheel you have now, if it not rusted like mine where the spokes are holding the moped up and not the rim. What do want to trade for the front rim? I need a seat and tank too.

Re: FS: Laser sport parts

gas tank?

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