FS Puch Magnum

My Magnum has these parts

this- http://www.treatland.tv/puch-reed-kit-especiale-pre-party-p/puch-especiale-pre-party.htm

this- http://www.treatland.tv/puch-estoril-performance-pipe-p/puch-tecno-estoril-pipe-magnum.htm

and one'a these- http://www.treatland.tv/mikuni-20mm-carburetor-p/mikuni-20mm-vm.htm


Also new dampers.

Less than 150 miles on all parts

Bike IS VERY clean missing trunk lid and title. So again NO title

I would like 1200 or trade for other mopeds with title.

Bike is in Storage so pics Will be on here tomorrow or later today.

Re: FS Puch Magnum

puch reed kit especiale pre party

puch estoril performance pipe

mikuni 20mm VM round slide carburetor - bolt on

puch maxi EBR black hydraulic forks

sebac 310mm CHROME + BLACK shocks

Sorry the links didnt work. And ITs a MINI Magnum

Re: FS Puch Magnum

Re: FS Puch Magnum

once again jake saves the day.....thnx jake.

noah, look to the right of the text box below for the proper way to insert links.

Re: FS Puch Magnum

Is this still for sale? Where are you located?

Re: FS Puch Magnum

please email me pics, I am in Twin Cities and have been looking for a magnum my whole life. I have been meaning to make a trip down that way anyways.

Re: FS Puch Magnum

afternoon bumpin

Re: FS Puch Magnum


Re: FS Puch Magnum

Where's the pics?

Re: FS Puch Magnum

Amazes me people post shit for sale, then say email them for pix or they will post later or some other day. Like get ur shit togather before trying to sell something. Real talk!

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