FS: Vespa Ciao engine with new DR 43mm kit

I have this vespa engine here that was going to go into a custom build, and now it won't work with the other parts I am using so it needs to go. $175 shipped in the US OBO

All parts are here to build it up, except the nuts for the studs. There may be something else small missing that I am not aware of, but it is pretty much complete.

Parts list:

Case halves, port matched with fattened up gasket area

DR 43mm kit (new), 10mm pin

Stock head with decomp parts

Crank w/ bearings and nut

New case and cylinder gaskets

new crank seal

light and ignition stator w/ mounting screws

points w/ mounting screws

timing lobe

ignition coil and cap (condenser)


stock variator

The ports still need to be smoothed out fully, as shown in the photo. The main case half was beefed up with JB weld behind the port. The smaller half was beefed up with aluminum braze. Both sides have places where the original case was bored through.

The main case half has a three small chunks of the mating skirt missing, as shown in the photo.

The case to cylinder mating surface has occlusions (porosity), visible in the photo. The cylinder seal shouldn't be affected.

And thats all I know about that.

Re: FS: Vespa Ciao engine with new DR 43mm kit

Sold, thanks!

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