1979 puch maxi exhaust

Stock exhaust pipe off a 1979 puch maxi...wanting $35 plus shipping o.b.o.


Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

Not to be a dick... but people can buy a brand new one for the same price. One that's not all crusty. You won't get anywhere near 35 for that.


Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

Probably Fred /

I got two+ dozen maxi and 4-5 magnum stock exhausts through out my house. A stock exhaust is not worth much cause it restricts the engine soooo much. The headers are great for making intakes though

Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

I apologize I wasn't sure how much it was worth so I looked on eBay and that was the average asking price I saw

Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

I wonder why the pic has two urns and a candle in between them in them. Very strange, how much for the urn candle setup?

Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

Not for sale lol

Re: 1979 puch maxi exhaust

And they're salt and pepper shakers lol

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