WTB: Del 13/13 Vespa

I am looking for (good) 13/13 Dellorto carb.

I prefer the short choke and the kinetic top. If you don't have one, I got enough parts to interchange.

Looking for good used (I am broke).


Re: WTB: Del 13/13 Vespa

ive got a new one in the buy/sell/trade (need hobbit stuff)

Re: WTB: Del 13/13 Vespa

that one is sold..

any other's offering one for sale? Thanks!!!

Re: WTB: Del 13/13 Vespa

still looking.

yeah, I know new ones are 78 bux, but, as most here, I am pinching pennies and looking to save a little.

treats hasn't had the paco clone in quite some time (40 bux). I bought one for one of my other peds and clearly satisfied, but want another for another ped.


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