Puch literature!!

I got a rad Puch sales brochure, it lists all the models with pictures and info. The last page has some puch option info and a sick-ass spread of a brown magnum and tech data. Asking $40

I also got a magnum owners manual and a maxi one too. I'm thinkin $20 for the magnum and $15 for the maxi one.

Lastly I have some cool technical data sheets for both magnum and maxi. They list all the tech stuff and have complete labeled wiring diagrams on the last page. Aksing $10 for the mag and $5 for the maxi.

Oh I also have a rarely seen assembly instructions sheet for a magnum. It list how to put together a brand new magnum for the showroom. Asking $10

Prices don't include shipping but it's gonna be cheap cause it's paper stuff.


Re: Puch literature!!

2nd pic of the sales brochure


Re: Puch literature!!

Maxi manual sold!! If your interested in any of this don't be afraid to make an offer.

Re: Puch literature!!

Bump, $30 shipped for the puch literature.

Re: Puch literature!!

Jason Casher /

Is that 30$ for everything. If so ill take it send photos to casher426@gmail.com

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