WTB Honda Express SR Parts

John Schneider /

I have a 1981 Honda Express SR that I need a rear rack and tail light.

Appreciate any help I can get.

Please email with cost and some pictures

Re: WTB Honda Express SR Parts

Why do you feel the need to make a new post about these parts every freaking week? Nobody has them, buy from Ebay already.

Re: WTB Honda Express SR Parts

John Schneider /

Well Willie I still need the parts.

Not everyone reads all these ads everyday.

I see that of all the mopeds you have you don"t have one of these. Maybe in the future you will find one and the first thing you will think of is my ad looking for parts, but then again maybe you won't.

After a week most people will not remember who it was that was looking for the parts. They may remember the ad.

There are 17 pages of ads for Honda moped on ebay, but what I need is not there.

Re: WTB Honda Express SR Parts

Nice response John, It would sure be nice if people would leave their attitude in the back room when responding here. My life isnt totally focused here ( YET )

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