WTB sachs 2pd shifter

I've got a 505-2 motor going on my beater commuter and I need the handlebar shifter. I'll get it from ebay.de if I have to but I'm just looking for one on this side of the pond. Any body got or know of one?

Re: WTB sachs 2pd shifter

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

you could try a scooter shifter? older model vespas had a similar mechanism? i got lucky and mine was in good shape.

Re: WTB sachs 2pd shifter

casal will work!

Re: WTB sachs 2pd shifter

I have casal 2 speed shifters new and used email me if interested

Re: WTB sachs 2pd shifter

I have a speed shifter from a Puch, email if intrested

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