Kinetic Moped - $50

Not mine but 5 mins from my house.

If you want it or anything off it I can help you out.

Re: Kinetic Moped - $50

Dang, no seat.

You buying it to part out or something?

I want the key/ignition toggle thingie and the brake light lens (the red see through part)!

Re: Kinetic Moped - $50

I am going to be close enough I would consider it. I have 3 running Kinetics (2 magnums, one tfr), and 3 parts bikes that I have stripped.

I was going to buy a new ignition switch off shitbay for 25 plus 3 to ship, but, here I can get a whole bike for 50 that I could fix up with my parts or part it..

Help me out.., actually, I am going to email him now. I will be a couple of hours out next tuesday/wednesday.

do you know whats wrong with it, other than the seat missing?

dood said 50 people called

It may not be there next week when I am there.. if not, that's cool.

How much would you charge extra to secure it and hold it for about 4-5 days?

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