F/S: 23 new items, moby, puch, e


just added some new stuff.

lots of air boxes, sprockets, springs, etc...

I have about 60 more to add but flikr only lets me have 200 pics at a time and I've reached my limit.

I can always send more through e-mail or I can rotate the old out and put in some new.

E-mail me with any q's about $$$

I accept paypal, Money orders, or trades.

Always looking for spare QT50 parts, especially ignition coils and speedometer's w/keys.

I also have a 1969 Suzuki AS50 and a couple of Vespa Ciao's I'm fixing up and I always need old moped tools.

I might be adding a 1972-73 Honda CB100 to that list.

we'll just see.

I have a 1980 almost perfect Chappy for sale in Tulsa,OK

and I'll have a Black QT50 done and ready to go soon too.



Re: F/S: 23 new items, moby, puch, e

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

how much for

shipped to 44515? (NEohio)

Re: F/S: 23 new items, moby, puch, e

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

DANG. That was supposed to be "Moby brake lever"

Re: F/S: 23 new items, moby, puch, e

you need a brake lever?

Re: F/S: 23 new items, moby, puch, e

To Cap'n: sorry about the delay, had some stuff come up.

I think I can get that into a $5 flat rate box, but shoot me an e-mail and send me the exact lever so I know for sure which one you want.

We can talk price once I'm sure what it is you're asking about, but most likely I'd want less than $10, maybe even around $10 shipped if you're talking about the ones I'm thinking of.

E-mail : trailertreasure@hotmail.com

To Motobekings; do not go to other peoples ad's and try to sell stuff using my post.

that is beyond rude.

I don't come to your posts and start asking people if they need stuff from my site when they are asking you about items for sale.

get some class dude

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