FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

I picked this up a while ago and haven't touched it at all. I'm looking to either sell this baby for $75 bucks or trade for something maybe like a Hobbit proma pipe or something else that's cool for a Hobbit. Bike looks dirty, but the paint is actually REALLY nice. Just needs a polish really. Also, I'm not sure what's up with the engine. Seems like the clutch is engaged all the time - I know jack shit about Morini engines. Let me know if you have anything cool to trade!!


Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

Shipped? to 28401?

just kidding but i would buy this in wilmington for sure. frame is sweet


Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

I know some people going to Nashville for the rally...I could possibly bribe some people into bringing it for whomever if paid in full first.

Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

Other things I thought of that I could use is a couple low/mid rise handlebars, some 17" tubes/tires, new grips, etc. That's some of the odds/ends that I need to finish up my latest Hobbit build.

Shoot me an email - I guess I could part this thing out...but it's not exactly what I want to do.

Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic


Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

Recovering gas-a-holic /

man if your rollin through dayton any time soon I'll take it !

Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

Man I really like the way that looks, too bad I'm in CA.

Re: FS/FT: Bianchi Bianchimatic

I want it... toledo is too far away... :(

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