FS Ported A35 Top end

Good cylinder, piston, and head.

Intake dug out, port shape up. Exhaust wide/raise.

Fast fast fast.

A nice set of polini reeds will go with it.

New rings, new roller bearing.

$50 plus shipping. $40 without reeds.

This top end and a good bottom end with new clutches will be $125 plus shipping and paypal charge.

Will be ported/cleaned up more with every passing day so buy quick if you don't want to blast hard and embarrass your friends.

Re: FS Ported A35 Top end

this cylinder with a 15sha and circuit was fun as shit.

Re: FS Ported A35 Top end

I've put around 5 hours into it since then (All intake).

Going to do some piston modification this week.

If no one wants it I'm going to make a block for that 4-petal

Re: FS Ported A35 Top end


Re: FS Ported A35 Top end

I may be interested in this for top end to an a 3 . Can get a bushing from treats and blast . . .

Re: FS Ported A35 Top end

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

I am interested.......kick start or pedal!!

Re: FS Ported A35 Top end


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