Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

Probably best for spares, the end that is out of the picture is missing the wheel and the axle is bent.

It has the differential and pedal gear intact. The bearings are all good and smooth. It probably had low miles and got in an accident, buddy of mine found it in an indoor motorcycle junkyard, aside from the bent axle everything else is in good shape.

Also has the uber-rare tri-rad snowflake with brake assembly. This is the only one of these wheels i've ever seen in person. Not even sure what they came on, maybe Pryers.

Selling this for a friend of mind, $100+ shipping or best offer. Shipping will probably be kinda spendy on this, but we might be able to make it cheaper by putting the wheel and axle in seperate boxes.

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

That differential is saucy.

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

yep this is one of the real 'differential' ones.

you might be able to put the diff onto a non-differentiating tri-rad axle.

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

yeah, diff should just undo with a couple of shaft collars held by a set screw

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

cool, good to know, thanks!

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

i have the same set up on my tri-rad....i would like to buy the diff and the wheel for spares....but have know moneis untill next week...so if you still have it ill take it...or give me a price if you can just send the diff and wheel since the axle is bent and missing a wheel..thanks

Re: Puch Tri-Rad rear axle

would you sell just the differential to me and the axles and wheel to Bryan?

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